All about the Hobinstocks – the good, the bad and the travellers

This is my first post and I am quite excited about finally getting this up and running. Both of my parents have inspired me to go as far as I have with our family history. It is very time consuming but on the other hand, very addictive and extremely satisfying. I want to share all that I have acquired over the years and expand on my “extended family” around the world.

I dedicate this site to:
(a) my Mom for starting the whole “family history thing” and handing over her findings to me in 1993 and
(b) my Dad for his fantastic memory and stories about his family. I still kick myself for not having “picked your brain” more than I did. Thank you for your patience with me. Rest in peace (12 July 2010).

Dad, I’m always finding new stuff all the time and I wish you could see it all – probably make your hair (what you have left) stand on end. These Hobinstocks of yours always seemed to be getting themselves into trouble….

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4 Responses to All about the Hobinstocks – the good, the bad and the travellers

  1. louis ramp says:

    this being my first post to the all new Hobinstock website…wish to thank Pat for her work in starting this and hope that we all can share many memories and hopefully fill in some gaps in our past

    • Pat Shaw says:

      Thanks Louis. I hope this will be the Bible for all Hobinstock research- “I have a dream!”

      • Elaine Timson says:

        What a wonderful way to remember the Hobinstock clan, my mother would have loved this, keeps all our loved ones close, past and present and in the future, We all share your dream.

        • Pat Shaw says:

          Yes, I wish my Dad could see this too as he was my inspiration and I was able to uncover a few things that he didn’t know about.

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